First Step Happiness of the 7-Year-Old Muhammad

(DHA) - 7-year-old Muhammet Altay, who has cerebral palsy in SAMSUN, walked alone for the first time 15 days ago with 2 years of physical therapy. Altay, who chooses his family for love, is to run.
Muhammet Altay, who is the youngest of the 4 children of the housewife Hanife (43) and Metin Altay (45), who is a farmer in Samsun, applied to Samsun Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Diseases Hospital two years ago when she was unable to walk due to her illness . Altay, who was treated here in the Children's Rehabilitation Unit, learned to walk with the masculine production locomat device (walking robot) and physical therapy applications. Muhammet Altay started walking 15 days ago without support.
'Our dreams have come true'
Anne Hanife Altay, saying that they have been waiting for this for years, said, "My son has been treated in the hospital for 2 years. He started walking with support first. Then he started walking alone 15 days ago. Our dreams came true. We are very happy. Nothing would happen if we did not stay. 2 years Our doctors worked hard and treated. Our hospital was like our home now. I was always crying, praying to take two steps. That's it, a thousand thanks. When I saw my son's first steps, the worlds were mine. "
Primary school 1st grade student Muhammet Altay said that he was very happy that he started walking. spoke in the form.
Samsun Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Diseases Hospital Op. Dr. Mehmet Bilgin stated that they first treated Muhammet Altay with a robotic walking device. "After 60 sessions, our patient started to develop beautifully. Afterwards, we started physical therapy with our expert physiotherapists. Currently, treatment continues. This is a process. At this point we can walk without support. He couldn't walk at all when he arrived. I hope he will get better with the strengthening of his muscles in the next stage. 2 years later, our patient started to walk. We have been using the domestic production robotic walking device for 2.5 years in our hospital. "he said

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