Chief Physician's Letter


Op.Dr.Mehmet BİLGİN
Chief Physician

     Samsun Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Diseases Hospital is one of the 11 physical therapy hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health. It is the Regional Hospital. It serves our people with 135 beds. The construction of our new 150-bed hospital project is ongoing.

       First of all, our hospital, which takes the principle of health to everyone, continues its services with an increasing excitement in an ambitious working tempo with all its employees in terms of providing health service provision as an effective, efficient and accessible. Our hospital, which sets patient and employee satisfaction as a target, works primarily to improve the quality of life of patients and their relatives, and to contribute to the social awareness of physical medicine rehabilitation. While serving this purpose, it adds to its structure by following the changing and developing technologies.

       Our hospital, which gives priority to rehabilitation patients in the warmth of the family environment, is in an effort to establish effective communication with patient relatives, employees and all stakeholders.

      Our hospital, which takes its power from you, will always be with you on the basis of changing technologies without making any concessions regarding the provision of effective, efficient and accessible healthcare services.

      Hope to meet you on healthy days.