Radiology clinic is a department in which many diseases are diagnosed with the help of various medical devices. Our clinic serves as Digital X-Ray (X-Ray) and Bone Densitometry. Digital images obtained from systems operating with digital technology are archived again in digital media. These images are examined by experienced specialists.

Radiology Clinic Managers and Employees

  • 1 clinic officer
  • 5 x-ray technicians


  1. (2 PCS) X-Ray (X-Ray),
  • It is the most commonly used device in the diagnosis of bone and lung diseases.
  • X-ray is used.


  1. Bone Densitometry
  • It is often used in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. It measures bone density.
  • X-ray is used.

Bone Densitometry and Technical Information

It is a bone density measurement. In other words, it is a measurement method that determines the risk of fragility. If osteoporosis is detected, drug monitoring is also carried out at regular intervals for the rate of utilization of the drug taken by the person. The measurement is done within 3 minutes.

Should I Measure My Bone Densitometer?

If bone loss has started for any reason, they cannot express these problems because they come to older ages and feel nothing before pain and fracture problems. The collapses that occur in their spine during their daily lives usually do not make any difference. Women and men aged 20-45 must be checked once.

How Often Should I Take a Bone Densitometer?

This depends entirely on the degree of loss of density in your bones, the treatment you receive, and the continuity of special conditions that cause bone loss. Your doctor will follow you on this issue.

Bone Densitometry

Radiology Clinic