Companion Rules


* Smoking of patients, accompanying and visitors is strictly prohibited in the hospital building for medical and legal reasons.

* In order to provide you with a peaceful environment, it is imperative that the patients and their relatives do not speak loudly and make noise in the patient room and service corridors. Also, using the televisions in your rooms without disturbing others; the doctor must be closed at visit hours and after 22:00.

* The number of accompaniment is limited to 1 person. Accompanying persons must be under 18, older than 65 and not pregnant.

* Female patient is accepted as a female companion. Male companions are not accepted.

* Accompanying person should be present with his patient every day during doctor visit hours, during medical care, medication and meal times.

* Accompanying persons should keep their accompanying identification cards on them at all times. The companion will notify the nurse in case of leaving the patient and accompanying changes.

* Accompanying patient helps the care to the extent allowed. Accompanying physicians, nurses and physiotherapists should not perform any application to the patient.

* The companions will keep the hospital belongings and materials tidy and clean, and the accompanying damage to the hospital property will cover the damage.

* Accompanying persons in the hospital will not use the empty beds in the patient rooms, nor will they sit in the bed of their own patient and in the bed of other patients.

* Our companions will not be in rooms for a long time in rooms other than their own patients.

* Do not keep food items in patient wardrobes and cabinets, do not throw anything out of the windows.

* Use clean toilets and bathrooms. 

* Do not empty the sliders and ducks into the sinks.

* Do not wash clothes in our sinks. Use the washing machines on each floor for this job.

* Dispose of your waste in bags of garbage, and in the medical diapers in the toilets by packing the patient diapers.

* Each patient has their own diet and food restrictions. Therefore, bringing food from outside can make our patients' treatment difficult and delay their recovery time.

* Do not ask for help from people you do not know and trust, except the staff of our hospital.

* * If possible, when you see the slippery floor sign, do not leave your environment until the floor is dry.

* Deliver all patient medicines to the nurse at the first hospitalization. However, if there is an accompanying drug, keep it under lock in the cupboard.

* In the accompanying changes, explain the information about the patient to the other accompanying.

* Patient rooms have lockable wardrobes where each patient can put their personal belongings. 


* The internal phone number of your room is printed on the phones in your room.


* Floor office

* Washing machine,

* Dryer


* We must separate our garbage.

* Wastes that have come into contact with your patient's body fluids (blood, urine, etc.) into the medical waste pails in red pouches located in the patient toilets.

* In domestic waste, it should be thrown into the black bags in the toilets.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Rooms

* 1-2-3. There are Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Rooms on the floors. When you first lie down, your physiotherapists will call your room over the phone and tell your first rehabilitation treatment (physics) time. If there are changes in your subsequent rehabilitation hours, they will be reported by your physiotherapist.

* If the rules of our hospital are not followed, it can be decided to discharge the patients and change their escort in accordance with Articles 79 and 62 of the Inpatient Treatment Institutions Business Regulation.