Learned to Walk Again with Robogait 'Device

He learned to walk again with his Robogait 'device. In
Samsun, 46-year-old Hakan Cihan, who injured his right leg as a result of falling three times in 4 years, could not walk alone. Hakan Cihan, 46, who was injured in his right leg as a result of falling three times in 4 years in Samsun, therefore, could not walk alone, started walking with crutches after 1.5 months of treatment with a device called 'robogait' in a physical therapy rehabilitation hospital in the city  .

Hakan Cihan, who lived in Samsun, broke his hip, knee and shin bone as a result of the accidents he had suffered in 4 years. Hakan Cihan, who could not move his right leg, could not walk alone. Hakan Cihan, who received physical therapy at Samsun Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital, started to be treated with a device called 'robogait' 1.5 months ago.

Hakan Cihan started walking with the support of staffs after the treatment applied with the device that started to serve in the hospital since August. Stating that he could not even stand up before the treatment, Cihan said, "I had a fear because of both physiological problems in my leg and injuries due to the fall. Treatment with this device came to me very well. Now I can move alone. I hope that I will be able to walk alone on my own without the support of staffs, "he said.

Physical Therapy Specialist Tülay Terzi said that Hakan Cihan was in fear and anxiety because he was injured as a result of falls, "Our patient could not walk alone as a result of the physical impact and fears of the events he experienced. We received positive progress in a short time after treatment with this device. With this device, also known as a walking robot, we are treating patients to regain or improve walking function in orthopedic or neurological reasons, who have lost their walking function completely or partially. "

Hospital Chief Op.Dr. Mehmet Bilgin, Sweden device with different names in the world, stating that produced by Israel and Turkey, "these devices 5 months ago with the domestic production began to provide services brought to our hospital. Short of time we also start getting positive results on behalf of our patients. 3-4 physiotherapists work done by these devices only In addition, we can perform treatment with both children and adult patients without adding any parts. We can perform physical therapy with 8 devices on average per day. "

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