Zeynep Took The First Step At The Age Of Two

Zeynep took the first step when she was two years old in
Samsun, Ayşegül Bayar did not listen to the warning that doctors could end the pregnancy by stating that the baby will be born with a disability. Zeynep, a 2-year-old who was born as a 'spina bifida' patient, took the first step after walking for about 5 months. She was married to 25-year-old Ayşegül, a 27-year-old couple of Arif Bayar, 27 years old.He determined that he would be born fifty. Thereupon, the Bayar couple was told that the 5-month pregnancy could be terminated. However, Zeynep was born after the couple refused. The little boy who could not walk when he was 1 year old was diagnosed with the doctors 'Spina bifida' disease (development disorder in the spinal cord). After about 5 months of physical therapy, little Zeynep started walking. Anne Ayşegül Bayar said, “Life has started again for us”.

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